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       Suzhou Zhikejingling Electromechanical Co., Ltd., with strong technical force and advanced production process, is a domestic electromechanical intelligent product manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service all in one. The company's products all comply with the national and industrial standards which satisfies the standard requirements of customers at home and abroad.


—  公司与多家知名院校和科研机构为依托,依靠自己强大的OEM能力和持续不断的研发能力使其市场规模越来越大,所有的产品被广泛应用于电梯、银行安防、起重、机械、冶金、机床、纺织、风电、船舶、电源、智慧城市、智能农业等自动化生产应用领域。目前,公司自主生产研发的电梯控制系统、平层开关、电梯载荷、到站钟、电梯语音报站(播报)、传感器、三相电源滤波器、地震仪等系列产品受到国内外用户的一致好评,并列为多家知名企业的首选供应商。

With the support of a number of well-known education and scientific research institutions, the company relies on its strong OEM capability and continuous research & development capability to expand its market share.All products are widely applied in automated production application areas such as elevator, bank, lifting,machinery, metallurgy, machine tool, textile, wind power, ship, power supply, Smart City and intelligent agriculture. At present, the company's self-produced products such as elevator control system, leveling switch,elevator load,arrival chime, elevator voice report station (broadcasting),sensor, three-phase power filter,seismographetc. have been highly praised by users at home and abroad.Furthermore, the company is selected as the preferred supplier by many well-known companies.


—  公司坚持以产品创新为动力,以质量可靠为标准,以用户满意为目标,致力于成为中国最有潜力的科技智能化产品专业制造商为发展理念。我们希望与国内外的新老客户真诚合作,共谋发展,我们将继续立足于新技术、新产品的开发与推广,走精品化、国际化之路,为广大新老客户提供更多、更全、更优质的服务!

The company adheres to taking the product innovation as the motivation, as well as the reliablequalityas the standard, and customer satisfaction as the target, and the "committed to becomingthe most potential professional manufacturer of scientific & technological intelligent products in China" as the development concept.We wish to cooperate sincerely with new and old customers at home and abroad, and conspire development.Moreover, we will continue to root in the development and promotion of new technologies and products, take the road of best quality and internationalization,and provideour new and old customers with greater, safer and better service!