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Enterprise introduction

Founded in 2015, Siwei Technology (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. is located in Tangshan high tech Industrial Park, a national high-tech zone, with a number of software copyright, and is a national high-tech enterprise. The company has been deeply involved in the elevator industry for many years, with a skilled technical development and service team, and with excellent service quality, professional and safe technical service strength, to provide higher and higher quality technical services for the main body of the national elevator industry. The first elevator service manager series of products developed in depth through wechat: elevator company management service platform, material management elevator secretary, government cloud platform. Combined with the actual needs of the work and management of government supervision departments, elevator enterprises and elevator users, the elevator management node is made clear, the process is standardized, the data is summarized comprehensively, the rights and responsibilities of elevator management are defined, and the overall planning is made. Help the majority of elevator service subjects to integrate resources and expand profit channels through the Internet, effectively control elevator safety risks and improve elevator management efficiency.