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Enterprise introduction

Hanson Lift(SUZHOU)Co,Ltd.We introduced brand and technology from Hanson Lift (UK)Co,Ltd .We keep innovating and improving,we invert ourselves to make progress and provide reliable multiple products and services.Hanson stresses on keep introducing and developing  which based on market orientation and quality and services and driven by innovation.,our plant occupied a floor of 33500 square meters including a 20000 square meters workshop and a 100 meters testing tower,we have many experts in researching and administration.We insist on customer focused principles and improve sales,installation,services system.We use advanced manufacture and equipments and professional support to make sure of high quality of products.Hanson faces to international and domestic market,strives to realize enterprise management and connection with international market,develops towards green and environmental friendly elevator with energy conservation,low pollution,low noise,and long service life,we provide elevator products with superior quality for global users.


Corporate culture: integrity, steadfast, quality, first-class!

Business philosophy: Pursue excellence without limit, Advance with The Times to create the future !

Value concept: The pursuit of value is the starting point of our work, the creation of value is the power of our life, the realization of value is our eternal pursuit.

Work objectives: Digging customer resources is the basis of work, cooperation and interaction is the process of our work;Cost saving, profit maximization, quality service, keeping pace with The Times is the focus of our work, win-win-win is the result of our work.